Spring Showcase – Ballet of the Elephants

Spring Showcase – Ballet of the Elephants






girls and Mrs. McLeod
Our 4th annual Spring Showcase “Ballet of the Elephants” was a huge success!

The inspiration for Circus theme comes from Circus Polka which legendary choreographer, George Balanchine, created for Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus in 1942. Igor Stravinsky composed the music and 50 elephants performed with 50 ballerinas at Madison Square Garden.

The education of our students involves more than just memorizing steps for the show. In addition to choreography and ballet technique, they have also learned about spacial patterns, teamwork with fellow students, elements of music, performance expectations, ballet history and the background of what they are doing and why. For the younger students in particular we may reinforce these concepts by reading a book from our ballerina book club.

Our version of  Circus Ballet included the Mom & me class performing as Poodles and Trainers; the 3 year old classes were Lions, Elephants and Mice. Our 4 year olds were Cotton Candy, Lollipops and Clowns and our 5 year olds were Gypsies, Penguins and Zebras. Older classes were Peacocks, Chinese Dancers and Acrobats, Tightrope Walkers, Clean up crew, Lion tamers and Aerial artists. Our ringmaster, Caeleigh O’Connor, welcomed the audience by singing  “Join the Circus” and professional ballerina, Estelle Botella,  joined the cast.

Bravo to all the beautiful dancers! What a magical day of dancing, music, circus fun and cheerful camaraderie!

Brigita McLeod