Hi Brigita,
I really must tell you how wonderful your studio is, and how very much Kaiya loved it❤️ we moved back to Seattle, so she can’t be part of your incredible program. I wish that you were here, nothing compares.


Dear Brigita

Caroline loves ballet so much, practicing her routine and positions every chance she gets. At 2-1/2, after having watched “Frozen” about 5 times, she has been “performing” Elsa’s “Let it Go” exactly as Elsa does in the movie, with meticulous movements and appropriate emotions. I wanted her to experience the joy of performing for an audience. You just made that happen. Thank you so much! I just cried…the happiest tears when I read your email. I cannot express how much this means to us, especially during such a stressful time.

I certainly want all to know that you did so much to help one of your little ballerinas in time of need. You have made a big difference in our household! Many wouldn’t have done anything. Having one fewer ballerinas in the number wouldn’t make a difference to the audience, but your kindness and willingness to help has made a huge difference for Caroline (& my entire family). It may sound silly to some, but she is so passionate about dancing, ballet in particular. She’s been looking forward to this day and you are making it happen for her! Again, many, many thanks!

Jen Richardson

Dear Brigita,
I just wanted to say thank you, to you! This is Stella’s second year and she loves ballet! Outside of your talent as a dancer, you have a true gift of teaching, patience and structure. Not to mention your program, is one if the best run student activities my kids have ever done!! Your level of organization is unparalleled!!
I am recently back to work so I am not able to pick up and drop off the way I used to….and I appreciate tremendously all your well mannered and timely email updates.
We are looking forward to another great semester of ballet!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Best, — Karine Sweitzer
Yesterday’s Nutcracker performance was such a fabulous success. Your heart and kindness shown through each and every one of those budding ballerinas. I know Caleigh will remember this lovely experience forever, too!
Congratulations to you and your crew.
Fondly, — Joy Cummiskey


Thank you so much, Brigita, for a wonderful day today for our entire family. All the girls did wonderful!  Your entire production was so professional.  We are very fortunate to be part of your school.
My father-in-law, who is a tough cookie, had tears is his eyes seeing his grand-daughters perform in such a beautiful show. Thank you for that!  Juliana especially was beaming after the show!!

See you this week, — Christina

Thank you for a fantastic year of ballet for my girls! The Spring Showcase was magical from start to finish. My father, who has been a NYCB subscriber for decades and a ballet snob, was completely impressed! My older daughter was so inspired by her little sisters’ performance that she has insisted on signing up to take ballet with DSOD too! Thank you for so positively imprinting ballet on my children

— Sima Farmer

Sadie Grey came home so excited about ballet today. In fact, she is always so happy after your class.
Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you being such a wonderful teacher and role model.
As you know as a parent, nothing makes you happier than seeing your children happy. Thank you, — Julie Murphy

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching Katie’s dance class today at Parent Observation! Thank you for all the time and effort you, Mrs. Almy and Mrs. Lukies put into the classes. –Rochelle Charnin

I’m truly amazed at how much my almost three year old ballerina has already learned from your Mom and Me program.  Every morning she does a twirl and curtsy for her daddy before he leaves for work. She is so excited to be dropped off to your pre-ballet program now.  And a special bonus for moms to watch the class from the lobby on the flat screen TV!  Thank you for installing this special feature! — Paula

Dear Ms. McLeod,  We wanted to send a note of thanks for teaching E. her first introduction to ballet. She truly enjoyed her lessons with you. The recital yesterday was so impressive – a testament to your hard work and attention to detail with the beautiful costumes and choreography. But most importantly, the children all seemed comfortable and excited about performing, which is wonderful given the range of ages and personalities. Congratulations on the show! — K.R.

I have been so impressed with Miss Brigita and team’s organizational skills, which evidenced itself in the gorgeous “end of season” ballet and tap recital in May. There were several performances which literally brought tears to my eyes. “Autumn Leaves”, for example, was about the level of costumes and stage design as a Met performance! The girls really enjoy performing and are very proud of what they have accomplished. Memory of this recital is absolutely one which the whole family, and especially grandparents, will treasure for many years. I would highly recommend this program! — Lisa Washburn

Hello Brigita!
 Thank you so much for being flexible and allowing L to substitute on a few Mondays so that she could be ready for her performance. She had a WONDERFUL experience with you. Unparalleled, truly. L has been interested in ballet since she was 3 but was never able to connect with it. She has some mild attention issues and has always seemed very lost during class and performance. I kept thinking to myself, “maybe this just isn’t her thing” but then she’d dance for hours to any music she could find at home. Your method of using “real” ballet music, ballet books and actual ballet moves really helped her appreciate and enjoy the art. For the first time I saw her having real success and practicing at home what she learned in class. On the way to the performance she said, “Mom, can I do ballet for my whole life?” She was very inspired by you. She smiled all the way through the performance (which is a first for her) and felt great about herself. We were absolutely floored. What a difference! Thank you again! We look forward to next year! — N.B.

Finding the right ballet school that balanced fun with structure was very important to us. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll our daughter at the Darien School of Dance under the direction of Brigita McLeod. Our daughter has thrived at the school the last several years and LOVES going to class every week! Mrs. McLeod is warm and caring, and fosters an extremely positive and constructive environment for the dancers. The recitals are incredibly well done and just the right length of time too. — Tuesday and Derrick

Congratulations to you on two wonderful shows! With two daughters, ages 9 and 11, I’ve been to a lot of ballet/dance recitals and I agree with my mother-in-law who said she thinks this show was one of the best she’s seen. I especially loved the little touches in the dances like the falling leaves and ice skaters – they were so creative. But also, I really did think Claire’s class was one of the most prepared I’ve seen. They really seemed to have everything down perfectly. Also, thanks again for inviting Claire to perform in the jazz number. I think it really made her feel more a part of the group. — Lucy M

Having recently moved away, I can not find a dance studio I like as much as yours. It was a great experience! Thanks again! — Kate Nelson

Annemarie has been performing recitals in our dining room lately to very rich Christmas music. We remain impressed by her elegant hand movements that are beyond her years. Thank you for all the hard work you put into teaching these beautiful girls. — Tanya Boland